Saturday, September 30, 2006

Does Illegal, Obsence, Abborhent,
Unacceptable Behavior

Need to Ripen Like a Fine Wine?

I’m a little confused.

Representative Mark Foley(R) of the Florida 16th resigned yesterday due to an indiscretion over a 16 year old congressional page. So far I get it.

The house leadership on both sides has condemned his actions, most notably the GOP side of the house including House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert of Illinois, Majority Leader John Boehner of Ohio, and Majority Whip Roy Blunt of Missouri. Also included in this group is Rep. Thomas Reynolds of New York’s 26th who heads up the Republican re-election effort.

So far so good, condemning a man who apparently asked for a photo of a 16 year old boy is probably not as in line with the “Family Values” party as they might hope. There is a whole lot more, but see for yourself.,2933,216886,00.html

So here is my issue with this: IF it’s obscene. IF it’s unacceptable. IF it’s abbhorent. IF it deserves the full weight of the judicial system. (As declared in a joint statement from the Hastert, Boehner and Blunt) then

Why wasn’t it obscene, unacceptable, abbhorent and

subject to the full weight of the justice system

several months ago when

these people were made aware

of the issue?

According to CNN, an aide to Representative Reynolds said that the Congressman knew of this behavior a year ago!

Boehner knew of it in the Spring- hey the leaves are turning around here. How long were you going to cover for this guy?

Rep. John Shimkus, a Republican from Illinois, runs the page program and knew of it.

Rep. Rodney Alexander of Louisiana knew of it as well, the page worked in his office. The family contacted Representative Alexander about the situation. He says they didn't want it pursued.

Huh? They contacted him just to make sure that he didn’t do anything about it? Is it just me or does that sound a bit off? No pressure on the family of course: Congress is in play, a 16 year old MALE apparently solicited by a single male Republican in a secure seat. Hmmmmmm.

Great leadership by the party of Moral Majority by the way- allowing a 16 year old to be victimized so as not to make waves. I must be missing a page in my Bible.

Representative Nancy Pelosi had the audacity to suggest it be looked into and had her motion blocked by Rep Boehner. Representative Boehner then made his own motion which was much narrower in scope and focused only on Ex-Representative Foley.

To my mind this is akin to the scene in Schindler’s List when they line the prisoners up to find out who stole something. The bad guys shoot one of the prisoners to make the point that they weren't screwing around and when asked again (ironically given the analogy) a young man steps forward and says the dead man stole the item.

If Representative Boehner actually wants to address the situation properly, and unfettered investigation is the right course of action.

And about the full weight of the judicial system- if the Representatives were aware of potentially illegal activity involving a minor they and did not notify the authorities- they should be charged. But hey fellas look in the bright side, it’s not like they can throw you in jail without a lawyer for an indefinite period of time. Oh wait- it’s a lot like that.

Reps. Boehner, Foley, Alexander, Simpkus, Reynolds, Blunt, and (It kills me to say this because I had always thought he was an honourable man) Speaker Hastert should all resign right now and the legal system should evaluate each of their roles in the issue. Representative Pelosi’s motion should be brought back to the floor for consideration in the form of an expanded inquiry into Ex-Representative Foley’s activities.

In sum I think it’s time that we recognize that, what ever it had been in the past, the Republican Party has become a bastion of corrupt, immoral, hypocrites that good people voted in hoping they were on the level and would lead the country in a moral way.

Instead, these good people of America have been spoon fed deception in the form of homophobic, racist, anti-American legislation by frauds in Christian clothing to support an ill-advised war, neglect a necessary war, legislate torture and spend in an unbelievably reckless fashion. You think tax and spend is bad? How about borrow and spend? (What's in your wallet?)

As the Republican party continues to rack up impressive gains on the corruption meter, I expect to hear the old battle cry: "But Bill Clinton blah blah blah." Yes he did- 7 years ago.

If you can find a good person to vote for, one who genuinely has America's best interest at heart and not some political stooge, then do so regardless of party affiliation. The Republican party, however, has some house cleaning to do before they can remotely hope to look superior in any fashion.

If there a good person on the ballot, start a write in campaign now! It’s our democracy; let’s take it back from the pedophiles, the influence peddlers, the bribe takers, the liars and those who would cover for them.