Friday, March 09, 2007

Ironic Ann

I recently sent an email to a telling them to remove me from their mailing lists as they were advertising on and ole Ann had once again taken a pot shot at the Gay and Lesbians with her John Edwards is a Faggott comment.

Much to their credit- had already been working on taking down their ads.

I stopped back by Coulter’s site to see if it the ads were gone yet(they were) and I took a quick read of Ann’s latest delusional writing. She went on at a great length defending Limbaugh’s use and misuse/abuse of drugs for chronic back pain.

Here’s the kicker- was gone from coulter’s site, BUT two of the ads I did find were for internet drugs. One from the UK that didn’t sell narcotics and one advertising Hydrocodone from $0.58. I surfed the site and they have Vicodin, Lortab, Darvocet, Tylenol 3. On the Benzo side of the house- Xanax, Valium, Ativan and for your Barbituate needs they offer Phenobarbitol in the handy 90 count pack.

Viagra, Valtrex (Herpes meds) and some sleep meds like Soma round out the fun.

Just fill out the "Doctor's form" and have a "provider" sign it (Wink wink) and you're good to go!

Way to go Ann! Anything for a buck.